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A tandem cycling expedition crossing the African continent from Cairo to Cape Town. Introducing the Arclight to health workers in a step against preventable blindness.



People trained with Arclight: 705
Punctures: 13

10,000km from Cairo to Cape Town: 1 Bike, 2 Boys, 2000 Arclights

Self-supported through the remote and challenging environments of the Sahara Desert, Ethiopian Highlands, and vast plains of the Serengeti, we will be witness to some of the most culturally and ecologically diverse parts of the planet.

Over the course of our 8 month project we aim to distribute hundreds of devices, and provide training for people drive forward their own distribution and training initiatives. The Arclight will equip frontline health care workers to fight preventable blindness and deafness, enabling them to give all people the right to sight.

The Arclight

The Arclight is a robust compact solar powered ophthalmoscope and otoscope that has been shown to works as well as traditional devices but at a fraction of the cost. With a small amount of training, it can be used to diagnose the main causes of blindness and deafness that affect millions of people in low-resource countries. As it is solar-powered and uses a patented LED, it does not require expensive and hard to find replacement parts such as batteries and bulbs.

About Arclight

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I am enjoying mentoring Alex and Merlin as they plan and execute their big adventure

– World record cyclist, Mark Beaumont.
Around the World in 78 days and Cairo to Cape Town in 47 days.

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