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The Team

I thought of that while riding my bicycle

– Albert Einstein on the theory of relativity.

Good ideas come to us on bikes. We are a pair of students who have spent much of our time at university coming up with ideas from climbing trips, to hammock camps and cycle tours. Two years ago for his 21st birthday, Alex was given a tandem by a group of friends as a quirky surprise. Last year that bike took us across Spain heavy laden with climbing equipment for the Pyrenees. This time the climbing gear will be replaced with medical kit as we aim to take on our biggest challenge yet. 


A biology and geography student, spent his childhood summers at home on the Irish coast sailing a little wooden boat around the local bay or riding his bike through the forests. He has since extended his sailing experience to Europe, New Zealand, Australia and the Arctic.


Merlin’s expeditionary experience lies mainly in mountaineering, and he has travelled extensively in Central and South America. He is a medical student with a particular interest in expedition medicine and ophthalmology.

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